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As a member of Provenance Hotels, Hotel Theodore cultivates relationships with several illuminators in Seattle, honoring the city’s makers and its rich history of innovation. Hotel Theodore collaborates with these innovators and tastemakers to create only-in-Seattle travel experiences that inspire and delight, such as the hotel’s museum-curated art collection from MOHAI. Learn more about our partners below.


Traversing the rich history of Seattle, the Puget Sound region and the nation, MoHAI brings history to life through unforgettable stories and interactive experiences.

Steven Smith Teamaker

Portland-based Steven Smith Teamaker is renowned for their uncommonly delicious black teas, green teas, and herbal infusions. We stock Smith Tea in our honor bars.

Freeman Seattle

The Freeman's founded the local company in 2010, with the goal of crafting high-quality jackets locally.

Light in the Attic

Light In The Attic was founded in 2001 with a fierce commitment to quality, the label sought out under-the-radar recordings and releases over 200 classics.