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Pet Perfect

We love our dogs here in Seattle especially at Hotel Theodore where we are ready to pamper your pup to perfection. From fun dog parks to dog-friendly restaurants, Seattle is equipped for pet lovers. So bring your best friend with you to our pet-friendly hotel in Seattle and discover the Emerald City together. Our Pet Perfect package, has everything they need to enjoy themselves. We’ll set up your room with a comfortable pet bed, bowls for food and water and a signature welcome kit. Full of treats and a special toy, it also includes a comprehensive list of local pet resources for everything from grooming to a quick vet visit. 

And don’t forget the pets photos! We’ll never pass up a chance to see photos of your favorite fluffballs.

  • Includes Discounted pet fee and pet bed for use during stay  
  • Complimentary food and water bowls, pet toy, dog treat and a local pet guide  
  • Available for stays through December 31, 2023  
  • Standard cancellation policy and blackout dates apply 

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