A Living Room Filled With Furniture And A Large Window
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SONOS Music System

  • Press home button on the wall mounted iPad
  • Press the brown SONOS app button
  • Search using the search field and select your music from hotel Pandora account or guests account for Pandora, Spotify etc.
  • Volume can be adjusted at both the iPad and from the wireless remotes located throughout The Residence
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Patio Fire Pit

  • Remove cover from fire pit and place behind if it is not already
  • Locate fire pit remote on kitchen shelves
  • Using the fire pit remote while inside the kitchen press the on button and the unit will ignite after a few moments
  • Set the run timer for the time you want it to be lit - default is 15 minutes
  • Return remote on kitchen shelves when finished
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Hot Tub

  • Hot tub chemicals are checked prior to each guest arrival by Engineering and adjusted to maintain sanitary conditions
  • To open the tub cover fold first half of tub cover over the black bar on top of the cover
  • Using the foam-covered handle, fold the two sections of cover over together - the cover will sit against the glass and there are hooks on the handle for towels
  • The temperature is set at 103 degrees which is the maximum - it can be controlled using the digital control pad on the tub
  • Use the control pad for lights and jets for the tub
  • It is advised to not remain in the tub longer than 15 minutes, which is the run time of the jets
  • Return tub cover to original position when finished to maintain the temperature
A Living Area With A City In The Background

Thermostat Control

  • There are 3 thermostats in The Residence providing climate control for the bedroom, living room and the glass enclosed south side - all are typically left in auto mode, 73 degrees cooling and 70 degrees heating
  • To adjust the temperature, press the temp up and down arrows and the right and left arrows to go between heating and cooling when in auto mode - for optimal comfort keep these two temps at least 3 degrees apart
  • To adjust the mode from auto to cooling or heating only, press the mode button until the correct icon is displayed
  • To adjust the fan speed from auto, press the fan button until the preferred speed is reached
A Living Room Filled With Furniture And A Large Window


  • The media room TV is controlled using the Samsung remote
  • The media room TV has Roku and Apple TV hooked up and can be utilizing the input button on the Samsung remote
  • The Roku or Apple TV remotes are located with the Samsung remote - user must enter their own account information to utilize these two streaming platforms and must logout before checking out
  • The bedroom TV is located in the cabinet in front of the bed
  • To access, use the TV lift remote and to control, use the Samsung remote from either the bedroom or media room