4 Inspiring Perspectives Celebrating Womens History Month

Chef and owner of Compere Lapin in New Orleans. With strong, driven women at the helm of both Provenance and represented among our partners, we continue to craft incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. A few of the illuminators who bring those visions to life have offered their expert thoughts and advice in honor of Women’s History Month.  

President and CEO of Provenance Hotels and her dog.

Katherine Durant | President & CEO of Provenance Hotels

“My biggest source of inspiration has been my mother. She has a huge heart and gives back to so many in her community, but she’s also tough, hardworking and relentless at achieving her goals. One of my favorite quotes comes from Ernest Hemmingway – Grace under pressure. I find it exceedingly helpful as grace creates a level of calmness and rational thought. So, my advice for other women would be not to listen to those who tell you that you can’t do or be whatever you dream. I truly believe one of the biggest secrets to success is getting up and showing up every single day. And taking leaps, even when they’re scary. You’ll never be 100% prepared for anything, so use your instincts and hard work to get you there.” Katherine Durant, Provenance Hotels

Co-founder of Vera Bradley posing. 

Barb Bradley Baekgaard | Co-Founder of Vera Bradley 

“My Mom has been an inspiration throughout my life and career, she did it all and did it well. She looked at everything positively. I think that’s where I get my ‘can-do’ attitude and strength from. In terms of advice for other women entrepreneurs, don’t overthink it. While some people are busy researching and planning, someone else is out there doing. If you have an idea, try it. Look for the “white space,” something that isn’t there yet or there’s a need for. That’s what I did and why I’m sometimes called “Ready, fire, aim,” that’ll probably be on my tombstone someday! Overall, have confidence in yourself and lean on those who will be honest with you.” Barb Bradley Baekgaard, Vera Bradley

Chef and owner of Compere Lapin in New Orleans. 

Nina Compton | James Beard Best Chef – South & Owner of Compère Lapin 

“My grandmother and Leah Chase were the strongest women I knew. They constantly pushed me to do the best I could. I never want to let them down, so I continue to push and do what I can to elevate other women as well. I’d encourage women to stay positive and surround themselves with smart people that will help them succeed. Proving the haters wrong, it’s always been my driving force.”  Nina Compton, Compère Lapin

Vineyard managing partner among the vines.

Page Knudsen Cowles  | Managing Partner at Knudsen Vineyards 

“In 1918, during World War I, my grandmother, Mary Louise Rochester Roderick, a 29-year old aspiring opera singer and musician, decided to support the war effort by using her talents to entertain the troops near the front lines in France. She overcame fear for her safety and well-being and used the musical skills she possessed to bring well deserved respite to the soldiers fighting for freedom far from home. This “Nightingale in the Trenches” has always inspired me to have courage to bring my full self to the task in the face of doubt, worry and concern. I encourage women to look for opportunities to play big and step into areas that are new and which might feel uncomfortable. Asking for help and counsel from people you trust allows for personal growth in connection with others. Allow yourself to have some fun along the way and roll with the punches as much as possible. Especially when things don’t go as planned, the next step often can be the most interesting and productive.” Page Knudsen Cowles, Knudsen Vineyards 

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