Hotel Preston - Nashville, Tennessee

A Profile of Cora Green and Her Artwork Surrounding Colors and Emotions

A Close Up Of A Mans Face Painted On The Side Of A Building

Cora Green started her journey as an artist at the early age of four. Growing up in the small town of Nolensville, Tennessee, there was little opportunity for a young Black girl to pursue her dream of art. Self-taught, Ms. Green played with mediums like watercolor, oils and pencil focusing on color and emotion with each piece she creates. Today, she has grown into one of the most renowned artists of her time in Tennessee, garnering national and international recognition in Vanity Fair, Tatler and House and Garden. 

Most of her art is created with a monochromatic style; the use of a single hues, making different shades, tints, and tones. Each piece is striking and moving, compelling you to examine feelings of sadness, anger, pain or contemplation within the subjects.  

“I find the connection between colors and emotions very intriguing.” says Ms. Green, “The world is a big palette of colors. Look around you and think about the colors you see. Which colors catch your attention and how do they make you feel? Colors can trigger your mind in a positive or negative way. It may even lead you to feel multiple emotions at once. As you look at my paintings, what do you feel? Do they make you curious as to what state of mind the subject is in? My paintings say things I cannot express in words. Art is my love language. When you view my pieces, I hope you feel the love that I put into every brush stroke.”  

Art is not only her personal love language but something Ms. Green pays forward. Over the years, she has volunteered her time with non-profit organizations such as Poverty and the Arts, as a board member and volunteer, the National Museum of African American Music, Art for Heart, while also offering art classes for young up and coming artists in her community. 

Painting of a face in the clouds by Cora Green at Hotel Preston.

Ms. Green has also done a few large murals in Nashville and surrounding areas. As murals and large form art pieces are a platform that is growing widely across urban areas in the U.S., she has brought her moving works of art to breathe life into these old structures in the city. 

Her latest exhibition ‘Colors and Emotions’ can be seen in The Gallery at Provenance’s Hotel Preston in Nashville. “Cora’s passion to create art is moving. The way she visually appeals to emotions is challenging in the best kind of way,” says Katy Durant, CEO of Provenance. “We are thrilled to have Ms. Green as an Illuminator with Provenance. Through her permanent art installation at Hotel Preston, we are able to share her passion for the arts with every guest who walks through our doors, offering them a unique insight and perspective into our city and the artistic culture of our talented community.”  

Closeup painting of a blue face by Cora Green at Hotel Preston.