A Virtual Visit to New Orleans

A Virtual Visit to New Orleans

Tour the French Quarter Virtually with Lucky Bean Tours

New Orleans holds 300 hundred years of amazing stories, surprises, secrets. And Libby Bollino, founder of Lucky Bean Tours, is passionate about sharing them.

As former tour guide, teacher, coffee shop owner and bartender, Libby loves hearing (and telling) a good story. So, marrying her passion with her profession seemed like the obvious move. Libby started Lucky Bean tours 3.5 years ago as a way to tangibly tell the harrowing stories that set the stage for New Orleans vibrant culture and history.

“I think there are so many fun facts and riveting stories about New Orleans spanning 300 years of political scandals, citywide celebrations, and three wars that took place on our doorstep. But some of the best stories are of the characters who contributed to our unique culture,” shares Libby.“ Louis Armstrong, who learned to play music while in a juvenile detention home to Mark Twain, who stole his pen name from a steamboat captain in New Orleans. Michaela Pontalba, the seven-fingered Baroness who gave us our beautiful town square. And Juan St. Malo, an enslaved man who became a local legend and folk hero.

While Libby may not be able to show you around in person right at the moment, here she is to give you a sneak peek at the French Quarter.

You can also sit in on virtual story telling lessons with the krewe daily covering popular neighborhoods and local hot spots like the French Quarter, Garden District, cemeteries and more, $10 per person (hour long session).

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