Fort Wayne Festivals & Events Worth Planning Your Foray Around

A Group Of People Flying A KiteWith so many appealing attractions popping up in Fort Wayne, you might already have plans in the works for a vacation to our fair city, but it’s worth checking the calendar for area festivals and events you’d like to catch while you’re here. In fact, these happenings happen to be so awesome, you just might want to plan your entire trip around them!

1. BuskerFest – June 2021 

This annual free event held in downtown Fort Wayne showcases the myriad talents of local and national street performers. It’s unbelievable fun to see dozens of musicians, aerialists, clowns, jugglers and more all performing in the space of just a few city blocks — not to mention the festival food! 


A Person Holding A Colorful Umbrella2. Three Rivers Festival – July 2021 

This nine-day, family-friendly community fair and celebration takes place in Fort Wayne’s Headwaters Park, and includes exciting daily and nightly events, like a parade and a raft race. Both kids and grown-ups will enjoy the thrilling midway amusement park rides and games, and no one can turn down those tempting fair food treats. There’s also live music, shopping and a fantastic firework show to close out the festival

A Cucumber In A Garden3. Saint Joe Pickle Festival – July 2021 

The tiny town of Saint Joe is about 36 minutes outside Fort Wayne, and they happen to be known for amazing pickles. The Saint Joe Pickle Festival celebrates this beloved sour veggie, with pickle-flavored foods from across the spectrum — everything from your standard deep-fried pickle chips to sweet pickle ice cream! The festival even features pickle art, and almost every event is free, so it’s a must for pickle-lovers everywhere. 


4. Taste of the Arts – August 28, 2021 

Hosted on downtown’s sprawling Arts Campus, this one-day, free, family-friendly festival celebrates the arts, inspiration, community and culture with fun activities and local art. You can watch beautiful original performances from musicians and buskers, actors and dancers, taste local food and drink specialties, and buy pieces from local artists. Kids can try their hand on fun artistic projects and might leave feeling inspired.  


5. Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival - August 28th - September 4th  

About a half hour north of Fort Wayne, the suburb of Auburn was home to the creator of some of the most handsomely styled cars ever crafted, full of sculptural Art Deco magnetism and grace, the Auburn Car Company. While only in production from 1900-1937, auto enthusiasts can view some of these magnificent motors, as well as myriad other classic cars, garage tours and souped-up racers at the late summer Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival


A Person Holding A Sign6. Johnny Appleseed Festival - September 18th & 19th  

You might have heard stories about the legendary figure of Johnny Appleseed as a child, how he brought much-needed apple trees to much of the pioneering U.S. Well apple seed-toting John Chapman was a real person in the late 1700s to mid-1800s, and Fort Wayne was his final resting place. The mid-September Johnny Appleseed Festival is a delightful two-day celebration of the pioneering time period in which John lived, where visitors can explore traditional goods, reenactments, clothing, food and music, all while learning more about the true history of the man behind the Johnny Appleseed folk tales. And, of course, there are plenty of apple-based treats! 

A Group Of People Standing On A Stage With A Crowd Watching7. Fort Wayne Music Festival and Middle Waves (Postponed 2022) 

Music lovers who hate the crowds and cost of Coachella have the chance to attend two festivals here — Fort Wayne Music Festival in May, a joyful community event that takes place in downtown’s Headwaters Park, and Middle Waves, a destination fest with an eclectic, big-name lineup held at the Electric Works Campus. 

Check the Visit Fort Wayne page for more information on festivals and other fun happenings. All events subject to change based on Covid-19 restrictions. We recommend keeping an eye on individual festival and event websites directly for changes.