Fun Facts About the Nike Headquarters in Portland

Aerial view of Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.Photo Credit: Nike News

Nike’s Headquarter office in Beaverton is a sanctuary for sneakers, highlighting a 54-year journey to becoming the world’s most dominant athletic apparel company. If you’re lucky enough to know an employee here, you can have access to the sprawling campus just fifteen minutes west of Woodlark, one of our beautiful Portland hotels. Here are a few behind-the-scenes facts from the iconic company’s global headquarters. 

The Nike Headquarters is huge

Really huge. There are 75 buildings spread across nearly 300 acres.

And Growing…

There’s a lot of construction happening at Nike. The soon-to-open Serena Williams Building (more on that below) alone has around 1 million square feet of office space.

Buildings are Named for Athletes

The campus has buildings named for the likes of Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan and Steve Prefontaine—all athletic powerhouses who’ve signed Nike endorsement contracts.

There are Lots of Outdoorsy Things to Do

The Nike campus features a gorgeous Japanese garden, named in honor of the Iwai family that Nike partnered with for manufacturing in the early days. It also features two soccer fields, a tennis court, an unsurprisingly huge gym, putting green and a lovely running trail.

It’s Basically a Museum

There are exhibits on campus that showcase Nike’s impressive heritage, and Steve Prefontaine Hall hosts much of the most significant memorabilia. Inside, find the Volkswagen van from which Phil Knight used to sell Nike sneakers decades ago, the waffle iron that co-founder Bill Bowerman used to create the outsole of the first Nike Waffle Trainer, and many more fascinating, running-related artifacts.

Employees Play through Their Lunches

Inside Bo Jackson Fitness Center, one of the three state-of-the-art gyms on campus, employees can sign up for lunchtime leagues. (They just have to disperse if any celebrities like Kevin Durant or Steph Curry stop in to shoot some hoops.)

There’s an Exclusive Nike Store

If you have any local friends, it’s worth asking them whether or not they have access to the Nike employee store. So many people work at the facility, that you can often stumble into “friends and family” passes that will allow you to purchase the newest Nike gear for over half off.