Jenny Perez Brings Her Creative “Super-Powers” to New Orleans

The Old No. 77 Host’s Jenny Perez as the new Artist in Residence for Summer 2021

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Say hello to the incredibly talented artist, Jenny Perez. We are thrilled to host Perez as our new Artist in Residence for the month of July at the Old No. 77 Hotel. Perez is a culturally influenced visual artist whose work consists of stunning large-scale murals, mixed media original paintings and prints, and gallery series displays.

A Woman Standing In Front Of A CakePerez started her career working as an apprentice with world renowned artists such as Romero Britto and Erni Vales. Perez is now based out of Miami, FL., where she brought her free thinking and innovative style to the heart of the Wynwood Art District.

During her time in New Orleans, Perez plans to engage in several events produced by her management team, Beauty & Brawn, including a Summer Evening Art Ride with Bike Easy on August 4th. Guests can take a charming bike tour of the city and end at a surprise location, special to the artist, where she will share in a creative conversation with those who attend (RSVP here). 

Guests of the hotel, and those who just want to stop by Old No. 77, will have the opportunity to view Perez’s various works on display in the Chandlery beginning August 2nd and during her exhibition opening on August 7th in advance of White Linen Night. There will also be an artist’s talk moderated by Beauty & Brawn held on Friday, August 6th from 5-6 pm (RSVP here). The full exhibition will be on display on Saturday, August 7 for White Linen Night.  

We had a chance to chat with Perez in anticipation of her residency and she’s jazzed to be in one of the most culturally inspired cities in the world.

Q: Do you have one or a few artists you look up? Or places you find inspiring that you channel into your artwork? 

A: I always find inspiration in other artists and those artists fluctuate as I evolve creatively. I am lucky to live in the heart of one of the world's most saturated art scenes and so the inspiration comes simply from walking the streets of Miami. I also love to study the work and life of Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol and greatly admire the style, culture and influence that 1980's New York City had on today's modern world. 
Q: What’s your cure for creative blocks? 

A: The cure for creative blocks is taking long breaks. Sometimes I try to force myself to paint in these periods and expect the inspiration to come pouring out of me, but over time, I’ve come to realize that forcing it never helps. The creative process cannot be rushed or timed- at least not for me. I enjoy the adventure of seeking inspiration from places and the people I meet. Conversations, a trip to a bookstore and some good coffee offer more immediate results though. Haha! 
Q: What project have you done that has been most inspiring to you? Or a career highlight up until this point? 

A: I once had the opportunity to paint a mural with a group of sex trafficking survivors. As a woman, and I woman of color, this was so empowering to not only be a part of, but to help heal through as well.  
Q: What are you most looking forward to about your time in New Orleans? 

A: I am extremely excited about my latest project. My first sculpture is currently in production, and I cannot wait to experience it! 
Q: What do you hope to accomplish during your time in New Orleans as the Old No. 77’s Artist in Residence? 

 A: I have no expectations of New Orleans and so it leaves a lot of room for extraordinary things to come. I am primarily looking forward to taking a deep dive into a new collection of work and to seeing what this magical city has to teach me. I hope that during my stay I can cultivate new relationships that fuel both my creativity and my passions. I look forward to simply connecting.