Hotel Theodore - Seattle, Washington

MOHAI, When History Is Your Story

Men waiving from a moving car.

Photo: Keith Williams at Flyright Productions 

Partnering with MOHAI, Museum of History & Industry in Seattle, Provenance’s Hotel Theodore brings to life the current Stand Up Seattle: The Democracy Project with a live virtual event around how history shapes who we are as a society, community, and as people. 

In this live virtual event, you’ll hear local Seattle community members explain how they are inspired by moments of Black history that impacted their lives. When History Is Your Story features the collections and research from the Black Heritage Society of Washington State (BHS), and is co-presented by BHS and MOHAI. 

When History is Your Story

Event Date: Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 

Time: 6:30pm PST 

This Live Virtual Event Includes Local Storytellers: 

- Chardonnay Beaver 

- Ryan Donaldson 

- Eddie Rye 

Spots are limited; please register early. Learn more about MOHAI here

In continued support of Provenance’s local Illuminators, and to help provide a voice for Seattle’s communities of color, Hotel Theodore is proud to partner in this historic, live virtual event, and we hope to continue to support a diverse range of art, culture and events in the community in which we serve.