Behind the Lens - Interviewing Cheyanne Paredes

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Meet Cheyanne Paredes, a Portland-based artist whose style of photography has been influenced by her time in Arizona, Italy and Brazil. For some, art is personal. Ask the writer about his poems, the designer about her renderings, the illustrator about their sketches. But for Cheyanne – art is social. As someone who grew up during the expansion of the internet and the platforms that stem from it, her work is curated for the digital corners of the world.
We sat down with her to get a photographer’s perspective on staycationing in Portland.

Q: What’s your go-to camera and why?

    A: I just purchased the Canon EOS M5 for travel. It’s much lighter than my other equipment, and compact, so I’m loving it for travel.

Rosa Rosa

Q: What’s your favorite type of photo to shoot?

    A: I love shooting lifestyle in food and beverage, which usually ends up being a lot of portraits and still life of food. I also enjoy placing emphasis on movement and motion: capturing the emotion and life of the moments that bring people together is always my goal.

Q: What was the most photogenic meal you ate while you were here?

    A: Easy – the spaghetti at Rosa Rosa. Obviously the red and green in the pasta compliment each other. On top of that, the silverware was gorgeous as well and the natural light of the space with the tile floor in the background made the shoot so easy.

heart coffee in bed

Q: It’s the end of a long day – what do you do to unwind?

    A: In the winter I like to cook at home, but in the summer I like to be outside at a bar with a drink.

Q: Favorite spot to fuel up for a busy day?

    A: I think Heart has amazing coffee, and I love their new space downtown, so it was nice to stay so close when I was at Hotel Lucia.

Q: Digital or film?

    A: I started out in film photography and loved the process, but I eventually switched over to digital photography for the efficiency of a shorter turnaround time for clients. I have a huge respect for film photographers. Someday, I want to bring film photography back into my lifestyle as a hobby.