Russian Afternoon Tea

A Plate Of Food On A Table

Tea is a Russian cure-all—illness, hangover, heartbreak... you name it. But at its core and with help of its star attraction, The Magnificent Samovar, the ritual of tea drinking is a symbol of Russian hospitality at its best. Headwaters continues the Heathman’s long tradition of tea service in the Tea Court and library. With Chef Vitaly Paley at the helm, we join forces with Smith Teamaker for an elegant tea service with custom blends and their greatest hits. The Russian Tea menu is a collaboration between Paley and Pastry Chef Megan Jeans. Together, the chefs pay homage to the rich history of the Heathman while adding a Russian flair that speaks to Paley’s own heritage with dishes passed down from his grandmother. Whether you prefer to drink your tea vnagladku (with sugar in it), vprigladku (plain) or vprikusku (with sweets), pour yourself a cup of tea and toast to family, tradition, and memories. Za Vashe Zdorovie! To your health. Beginning on August 17th, Russian Tea will only be available on Sundays. Reservations are required and must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Please visit Headwaters Russian Tea for reservations. Private event spaces are also available.