Staying Healthy While Vacationing

Our family took a trip to downtown Seattle for some relaxation and “us” time. We stayed at Hotel Theodore so we could explore the city from a prime location. My favorite thing to do in a city is focus on touring by foot instead of by car to see the most of an area. We strolled to various places for dining, shopping, and exercising during our weekend staycation.  I always like to stay healthy when I go on vacation. I never want to feel like vacationing or spending time for myself is something that will set me back in my health goals. 

These are The Key Things I do While Traveling or on Vacation to Make Sure I Stay Healthy and Enjoy My Time

Ditch the Car

When possible, I either try to get by without a car on vacation or park the car and walk everywhere. So much time is wasted parking, navigating a new place, and loading in & out. When you walk, you get to see things from a different perspective. 

Self-Tour Walk/Run

If I really want to see the sites of a new place, I hold my own self-tour. I walk/run until I feel that I've seen most of a location. I do this by packing some money and wearing the appropriate clothing/shoes. I then run until I feel like I need to walk and then continue that trade off. When I'm hungry, I stop to eat. If I want to go into a shop, then I do. I do this without a map. I just go. Of course, if I want to see a specific place, then I plan my route slightly so I can get to that tourist attraction. Or I ask local people for the directions to a specific place. 

Eat Well

With every meal, I make sure to eat protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Eating healthy doesn't mean the food shouldn't taste good. I eat things like cheese plates with crackers and fruit, or bun-less cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries. I make sure to eat smaller meals often, so I don't feel uncomfortably full during my vacations. 

Hit the Gym or Do a Hotel Room Workout

I stay at hotels that have gyms or in-room workout equipment. This allows me to fit in a workout either early in the morning or late at night. At Hotel Theodore, I was impressed with their Well+Fit Kit that includes a tablet with workouts, a mat, Pilates ball, and weights. 

Join a New Class

Trying out a workout class is another great way to fit in a workout while on vacation. Especially if you know it will be hard to allocate time to staying in shape. I like to book a class because then I'm accountable for working out at a specific time. I tried BurnCycle in Seattle for my vacation class and loved the inspirational vibe and intense workout. 

It's best to stay creative and figure out your own methods to stay healthy while on vacation. Sometimes it is a challenge to find the balance between relaxing and working out or eating well. However, if it becomes your lifestyle, then you will find it gets easier with each vacation.”

By Jenny Khalema. You can follow her on Instagram here.