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We’re spilling the tea on, you guessed it, all things tea. Teatime is a time-honored ritual spanning the globe with an endless variety of ways to sip it. Whether you take your cup black, green, with lemon or a splash of cream — here’s your cheat sheet to two of our favorite tea traditions.

RESIZED-DSC_6649A Person Sitting At A Table With A CakeTraditional English-style Afternoon Tea at Hotel deLuxe.


Imbibe like the Queen of England and enjoy the thoroughly British affair of Afternoon Tea. Traditionally, English-style tea is served mid-afternoon with savory tea sandwiches, cakes, scones with clotted cream, and, (if you’re like the Queen) add a gin and tonic or two for good measure.

At Hotel deLuxe, the glamorous Afternoon Tea service features custom-blended teas from Steven Smith Teamaker in the historic Gracie’s dining room. The lavish menu is crafted in-house with a selection of tea-inspired cocktails curated by the experts at the Driftwood Room. Steeped in tradition and partnership, the experience marries the elegance of the English custom with the creative collaboration and curation emblematic of Portland.

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Tea is a Russian cure-all—illness, hangover, heartbreak… you name it. But at its core and with the help of its star attraction, The Magnificent Samovar, the ritual of tea drinking is a symbol of Russian hospitality at its best.

Headwaters continues the Heathman Hotel’s long tradition of tea service in the Tea Court and library with Russian Tea. Chef Vitaly Paley and Pastry Chef Megan Jeans pay homage to the rich history of the Heathman while adding a Russian flair that speaks to Paley’s own heritage with dishes passed down from his grandmother. Whether you prefer to drink your tea vnagladku (with sugar in it), vprigladku (plain), vprikusku(with sweets), or with a Vodka Flight if that’s what’s calling your name— toast to family, tradition, and memories.  Stay at the Heathman Hotel for the ultimate Russian Tea experience. Za Vashe Zdorovie! To your health.

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No matter what tea traditions you choose, your perfect cup of tea awaits. Featured at each of our 14 hotels, our Co-Conspirator Steven Smith Teamaker showcases the excellence of its flavor profiles with classic and custom blends embedded with imagination and transformed by three essential ingredients: origin, craft and creativity. The late founder, Steven Smith, built strong connections with the best tea farmers to source the finest tea leaves and botanicals around the world. Deriving inspiration from flavors ranging from cask aged merlot to ice cream, Smith Teamaker offers a one-of-a-kind-cup of tea.