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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Portland

Portland nurtures a strong counter-culture community, and is world famous for its eco-warrior status. Perhaps that’s why it’s gained a reputation as a vegan and vegetarian mecca. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat on meatless Monday, look no further than one of these Rose City favorites.


This Israeli-inspired vegan restaurant builds much of its seasonal menu around hummus, labneh, carrots and eggplant. If you go with friends, order a few hummus plates to share—we recommend trying the shawarma and hatch green chile varieties. On a warm summer’s day, add a jaffa salad with carrot lox, mixed greens, walnut, and cashew zhoug dressing. Aviv: 1125 SE Division St.; 503-206-6280

Virtuous Pie

Executive Chef Jim Vesal and co-founder Lia Loukas introduced Virtuous Pie to Portlandians after experiencing huge success with their first location in Vancouver, B.C.. We love their homemade, nut-based, dairy-free cheeses and their spicy buffalo cauliflower. Try the Superfunghi, with cashew mozzarella, herbed potato cream, wild mushrooms, arugula, and a rich, truffle almond ricotta Virtuous Pie: 1126 SE Division St. #200; 503-334-2073

Off the Griddle

This inventive lunch spot got its start as a solar powered food truck. Its new brick and mortar location in Southeast Portland features a completely meatless menu packed with ten burger options (five vegan and five vegetarian), alongside a wealth of salads, and a popular vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. If you’re around for happy hour, try the Cinnamon Toast cocktail, a delicious, drinkable dessert featuring cinnamon whiskey, root beer, and coconut vanilla ice cream. Off the Griddle: 6526 SE Foster Rd.; 503-764-9160

Doe Donuts

Because vegans deserve to jeopardize their cholesterol levels, too! This Southeast Portland vegan doughnut shop has both classic and creative takes on the pastry. Some of their current seasonal flavors? Bananas foster fritter, peaches-and-cream cake donut, and marionberry pie. Doe Donuts: 8201 SE Powell Blvd; 503-333-4404

The Sudra

This Indian-inspired, vegan restaurant is not short of flavor. Chandrasekaran, an Indian American chef who grew up in New Mexico, combines flavors of India with a New Mexican twist. From the broccoli and cauliflower pakora to the jack fruit vindaloo bowl, you're sure to find something you'll love. The Sudra: 28 NE Ave.; 917-302-6002

Farm Spirit

Who says vegan cuisine can’t be high end? Farm Spirit impresses guests with inventive tasting menus that even non-veggies will appreciate, from innovative charcuterie boards to beet terrine with juniper marshmallow. Prepare to see vegetables in ways you didn’t think possible. Farm Spirit: 1403 SE Belmont St.; 917-255-0329

KaTi Portland

Portland’s favorite Thai restaurant just happens to be vegetarian. Family-run KaTi delivers on fresh, original flavors and serves a mix of popular and rare Thai dishes, from Tom Kha soup to a banana blossom salad. KaTi Portland: 2932 SE Division St.; 503-477-6059

Homegrown Smoker

Located in the village of St. John’s, about 15 minutes north of downtown, Homegrown Smoker serves up delightful vegan versions of Southern soul food favorites—smoked tempeh ribs, “macNocheese,” nori breaded tofu filets, and hand cut fried. Wash it all down with a big glass of minted sweet tea. Homegrown Smoker: 8638 N. Lombard St.; 503-477-7274

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