One trainer shares her must-know tips for keeping your routine no matter where you are.

The Fitness Trainer's Guide to Staying Healthy on the Road

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It can be challenging to stick to your fitness routine while away from home. But Tatyana Belinsky, a trainer and fitness instructor with Portland’s Lab x Burn, is here to help. Born in West Hollywood, CA, she grew up in the Bay Area and studied at the University of Oregon. She’s been in Portland for a year and has fallen in love with the area’s fitness mindset. “Portland studios have a unique way of making everyone feel like they’re part of the crew,” she says. “I’m a big crossfitter, and always love having a solid crew of people to work out with, and Portland does a fantastic job of this. I also love the hikes, the river, and all the gorgeous bridges; makes it very easy to be active outside!” Here are her pro-tips on staying healthy on the road.

The Hotel Room Workout

I call these workouts “Hotel Room HIIT’s!” They require no equipment, less than 30 minutes of time (no need to work out for longer on a vacation), and can be changed in any way to accommodate any room or person! I take three movements (i.e. squats, push ups, sit ups) and repeat 10 reps of each, for 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible. You can make the squat a jump-squat or make it harder, or bring the push ups down to your knees to make them easier. You can pick any move for upper, lower, core, or cardio, and combine them in this circuit. You can also start or end the circuit with planks, wall sits, or even a run around the block. If your hotel has stairs, do a few stair runs as warm up or add them into the workout!

A Little Goes a Long Way

If your trip is busy, squeezing in a quick workout will help make the busyness and stress a little more manageable. Waking up and doing the workout first thing in the morning will set your day up perfectly, and will eliminate any other engagement getting in the way of your workout later in the day. However, if you can’t get to your workout until the very end of the day, that’s okay, too.  Just know you will sleep better and feel better about your day if you even get 10 minutes of movement in.

When It Comes to Eating, It’s All About the Balance

I am a huge proponent of balance, especially when it comes to diet. When I go on work trips, I make a quick stop off at a grocery store after leaving the airport to pick up staple snacks that will keep me fueled and feeling good, like veggies and hummus, yogurt, Lara bars, fruit, sliced ham/cheese, etc. This way, when you are on the go, you can turn to these cost effective, healthy snacks.

Secondly, try to prioritize your meals and the occasion behind them. For example, if you know you will be going out with everyone in the evening to get Mexican food (YUM) eat a healthier lunch from your snacks, and then allow yourself to indulge at dinner. Chips and margaritas! One of the many positives of taking trips is eating out and trying local food, so take advantage, but also allow yourself to continue with your own healthy routine.

Keep It Easy on the Weights After a Flight

After flying, I like to do any kind of movement that incorporates my whole body, like going on a jog, busting out some burpees, or something fun and energetic like slam balls or cartwheels—I do these all the time, I will never give up doing cartwheels. It doesn’t always feel great on my body to sit and lift heavy weights because my neck and back don’t feel 100 percent after sitting for a long time. Yoga, a fun park workout, anything that moves the body in all planes and involves some stretching.

Combining Working Out With Sightseeing

Absolutely, I love involving the new town and sightseeing! This can be a tad challenging if you don’t know the area at all, but if you’re with a group or are with someone who knows the town, jogging around a new city and stopping whenever, for shopping, food, etc. is a very fun and active way to see a city.

Choosing to walk or ride a bike when you’re on a trip is always a fun option if you can, because you get to see the city while getting to where you need to go. My last trip to San Diego was with a group of fitness professionals, and we did a “run club” all around the city where we jogged everywhere we went, and whenever we saw a tree or bench we would do a 1 min wall sit or 10 tricep dips. Anything you can do to stay active and feel good is the goal.

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