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A Room With Art On The Wall
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Stroll through the corridor behind our lobby and experience an extension of the latest exhibition on display at Where Y’Art. A Royal Street Gallery in the heart of the Marigny, Where Y’Art is a true community for artists and art lovers in New Orleans.

Curated in-house in collaboration with Co-Founders Cat Todd and Colin Ferguson of Where Y’Art, 300 More is the latest exhibition to display at the warehouse hotel, exploring themes and issues around environmental and cultural preservation of life in New Orleans.

300 More debuts on the heels of New Orleans’ Tricentennial celebration in 2018; a momentous anniversary that reflected upon the last 300 years of heritage in New Orleans. With the disappearance of Louisiana’s coastline at a rate of one football field each hour, we are turning our sights on ensuring the next 300 years of magic, life and culture in New Orleans. From coastal restoration and urban conservation efforts to putting on full display the natural beauty of the Gulf and Mississippi River Delta, 300 More serves to awaken us to a disappearing crux of Louisiana life and calls us to preserve an ecosystem every bit as precious as the second lines, brass ensembles, wrought iron balconies and chromatic neighborhoods that imbue New Orleans with a sense of mysticism.

Artist in Residence Program

Check out our new Artist in Residence program offering short-term, week-long stays for accepted creators on a rolling basis all year round across our collection from Boston and New Orleans to Seattle and Portland. Learn more and apply for our Artist in Residence program here

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