A Person Standing In Front Of A Mirror Posing For The Camera
A Room With A Sink And A Mirror
A Man Standing In Front Of A Mirror Posing For The Camera
Michiel Cazemier Et Al. Standing In A Room
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At Sentinel, we celebrate visionaries and how they impact culture and history. We’re inspired by the passion that drives people to innovate — to step forward and make a difference, envisioning a brighter future. From science to music to fashion, and from sports to human rights, Sentinel’s art collection captures the dreamers, designers, makers and doers of our time. Triumphant, inspiring, playful and unexpected, the art at Sentinel highlights moments in time when change was made, and the world shifted as a result.

Check out our new Artist in Residence program offering short-term, week-long stays for accepted creators on a rolling basis all year round across our collection from Boston and New Orleans to Seattle and Portland. Learn more and apply for the Artist in Residence program here.

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