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For Inspired and Aspiring Creative Minds

In partnership with the Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Art and Design, our hotel gallery showcases an inspired collection of works from the students, alumni and faculty through semi-annual exhibitions.

From muralists and contemporary artists to musicians and printmakers, the city of Fort Wayne is teeming with talent. Paying homage to the creative community that abounds, The Bradley features an on-site art gallery just off the lobby, curated in partnership with the Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) Department of Art and Design. Here, you’ll find an incredible display of revolving works from their students, alumni and faculty that span their artistic programs. Twice a year, new themed exhibitions will be displayed so guests can enjoy fresh creative perspectives during every stay. If interested in adding to your own collection, all pieces are available for purchase.

Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Art and Design guides over 250 students towards their artistic goals each year within several degree programs ranging from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. The campus’s Visual Arts Building offers studios primed for creativity of all kinds including ceramics, photography, printmaking, web design, woodworking and beyond. Plus, their own personal gallery space features eight exhibitions each year.  

The inaugural exhibition at The Bradley, centered on photography, will be available to view starting opening day – July 15 – through December 2021. Read on to learn more about each artist and the individual pieces currently on display. 

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Natalie Householder, B.A. Art and Design – Beyond Boundaries + Absorbed
Challenging perceptions and realities as we believe them to be, Nicole’s photographs encourage power but also offer insight into how easy it can be to get lost in the identity of a body and feel separated from the universe.

A Tree Next To A Body Of Water

Taylor Beaver, B.S. Interior Design – Peaceful
Featuring a shot from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Taylor focuses his camera on all things nature.

A Brown Horse Standing Next To A Body Of Water

Haley Moore, 2020 B.F.A. Graphic Design, Imaging & Photography – Levitation
Hayley is a Purdue alumna and now runs a successful portrait and wedding photography company in Fort Wayne. Inspired by how dreams make one feel, her photo for this exhibit was her first time experimenting with levitation editing.

A Cow Is Standing In The Snow

Victoria Geels, 2021 B.A. Art and Design – Bison Series + Old Bridge + Red Tree 
Fueled by a strong passion for revealing the beauty of the natural world, Decatur-raised Victoria focuses on the pieces of the outdoors that typically go unnoticed. Her work shows off the importance of details and seeing the small things.


Kayla Bell, 2018 B.F.A. Graphic Design,  Imaging & Photography – Night Sky 1 + Night Sky 2
Inspired by the gorgeous night sky, free of city lights, Kayla’s photos focus on capturing the beauty of glimmering stars and planets in a way many of us don’t often get to see.

A Person Jumping Up In The Air

Pierre Alexandre Mbaye, B.A. Art and Design – Body Language: Body in Motion 1 + 2
Originally from Senegal, Pierre holds a deep passion for photography and how it inspires and motivates us to express ourselves even when words fail. His goal is to capture intense emotion and a compelling desire in each of his subjects and pieces.

A Person Holding A Guitar

Johnny Min, B.F.A. Graphic Design, Imaging & Photography – Untitled Black & White 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
Fascinated by the concept of having the ability to grasp a moment in time in his hands, Johnny is passionate about capturing life inside frames in ways that are real and raw.

A Close Up Of A Flower Garden

Joel Fremion, 1972 General Technical Studies and Fine Arts — The Wisteria Bridge at Giverny
Indiana native Joel Fremion takes the collage technique to new heights with his fabric collage artwork, a technique he personally developed. Blending hundreds of colorful fabric pieces into nuanced and detailed images, his work prominently features Indiana landscapes and people.