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It’s no secret that many of America’s most interesting inventions and innovators came from Boston and we wanted to show that off. In the spirit of our hotel namesake, we brought in a noted street artist and local sculptural artists to put their stamp on a piece of Beantown.

We brought in street artist Tristan Eaton to create a colossal 65ft. foyer mural inspired by the paintings found in legendary local buildings like the Boston Public Library. He’s chose to tell Boston’s story through a visual collage of pop imagery, executed entirely in freehand spray paint. As you peruse the mural, you’ll see a tribute to Boston’s revolutionary heritage and rebellious spirit.

Eaton left his mark upstairs too with a custom carpet design for our guest floors that plays off the style of the mural. The duo is thought provoking and unlike any other art you’ll see in a Boston hotel.

Created by the Boston-based team behind Individuals Collective, this three-story Innovation Tower celebrates Boston’s lineage in innovation and revolution. Wrapped around the elevator column and spanning three stories, this installation features physical objects collected over the past year, representing significant inventions from the region from the basketball to pink flamingo lawn ornaments, Bose headphones, typewriters, the optical mouse and more, rendered in a monochromatic white to maintain its simple, yet bold impact.

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