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Woodlark features a deeply integrated art collection featuring the work of Imogen Cunningham, the quintessential American woman photographer of the twentieth century. Born in Portland in 1883, she devoted her life to the pursuit of the craft, furthering the developments of this scientific art. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the period during which the Cornelius Hotel was in its prime, Cunningham became interested in flora, gathering and photographing prime botanical specimens. Her photographs can be found in major collections, museums around the world and in the guestrooms at Woodlark in collaboration with the Imogen Cunningham Trust.

The embrace of original works continues throughout Woodlark’s public spaces, introducing modern and abstract works within the lobby and lower level of the hotel. Prominently featured throughout the hotel’s public space are the works of Maja Dlugolecki, a self-taught abstract painter and Portland native. Conveyed upon ample white space in between layers of texture that use bold pigments and an ever evolving palette, Maja’s striking canvas paintings convey an abstract expression of empowerment – a strong, sophisticated visual representation of the creativity and collaborative spirit found at Woodlark. Commissioned by Provenance Hotels, the original paintings created by Maja were produced over the course of a two-week residency in a raw industrial space adjacent to the hotel, during which time Maja drew inspiration from the natural hues of the Pacific Northwest while working in close consult with Woodlark’s interior design team.

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Artist in Residence Program

Check out our new Artist in Residence program offering short-term, week-long stays for accepted creators on a rolling basis all year round across our collection from Boston and New Orleans to Seattle and Portland. Learn more and apply for the Artist in Residence program here.